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RO-30S Temmstone with Speckles

Rovin Ceramics


All Rovin clays are available in 25lbs boxes.

When selecting your quantity, be sure to increments of 25lbs.


    RO-30S contains granular Manganese Dioxide, which gives it a "reduction" look in oxidation. The speckles will bleed through a clear or opaque glaze. RO-30S is a 50/50 blend of RO-10 and RO-20, this clay body fires a toasty brown at cone 10. Versatile RO-30S is an excellent sculpture body, as well as for throwing on a wheel and hand-building.

    Firing Details

    Firing range is cone 6 to cone 10

    Shrinkage at cone 6 is 10.9% and at cone 10 is 11.7%

    Absorption at cone 6 is 2.7% and at cone 10 it is 0.8%

    Additional Details

    We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit.