NEW School FAQ

Schools/Studios & Institutions

Rovin has a small staff so to improve efficiency and minimize errors please do the following:

If your school or institution is ordering from Rovin for the first time, you can give Rovin your school’s contact info, address, and tax-exempt info, We do not accept tax-exemption codes alone. In Michigan, you will have to fill out a form; we have blank copies on file by request. This form will have to be updated every 4 years. 

Orders can be placed by email, if an account is not set up through the website. We do this to ensure there is no miscommunication, and so that we may have a digital paper trail. Our online checkout does not allow a customer to select tax exemption. However if you notify the Rovin team, so we can apply it to your website account, so your future orders are tax exempt.  Rovin accepts purchase orders, or POs as a method of ordering via email.

For billing purposes, we do not send invoices until ALL product and material leaves our establishment. This is due to our inventory management process.

To remit payment, the account/school will need to fill out a credit application to be set up as a net 30 customer. Then the school may remit payment within 30 days of receiving invoice. Once the application is complete you may begin ordering as a net 30 customer, after the first order is paid up front, in full.

Just a hint for the School Season: August - October is a busy time here at Rovin. To avoiding production delays, or the need for substitution based on a receive by date please send your orders as early as possible. 

Please contact for information and any further questions.