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Selecting Kiln Equipment FAQ

Selecting Large Equipment 

How do I choose my kiln?

First ask yourself this series of questions and with the answers, Rovin can help you narrow down the best model for you. 

  • How often will I fire my work?
  • How much work will I plan to make per week/month? (How much cubic feet of kiln will I need.)
  • What cone or temperature will I regularly be glaze firing to?
  • Do I have a budget?
  • Where will I install my kiln? Indoors? in a garage? basement? 

Each kiln is built to order, so it's important to consider these questions while looking at the options available as they can be key determining factors in which kiln model is best suited to your needs. 

Where can I safely install my new kiln?

Kilns can be installed in locations that have non-flammable flooring and an appropriate amount of space; 12" or more from all walls and 36" or more from all ceilings. The most commonly utilized residential spaces are garages and basements. These locations also must have the capabilities of being properly ventilated. We highly recommend reading the official Evenheat Kiln Manual for through instruction on choosing a location for your kiln.

How long does it take for my kiln to ship?

Since all Evenheat kiln models are made to order, lead times will vary due to material and part availability during the year. They can be anywhere from 10-24 weeks on average. Please call or email Rovin staff to inquire about the most current lead times.

How can I purchase large equipment?

Please review our online catalog on our website, and email us or give us a call.