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Raw Materials FAQ

Raw Material Orders

Looking to make your own clay or glaze from scratch? Most of the raw materials we carry are available in 50 pound bags but we are happy to weigh out custom quantities. Place your order no less than 24 business hours before your desired shipping or pick-up date. All materials can be weighed out to the nearest pound. If you need your weighed-out materials same-day, there will be a $5.00 weigh out fee applied to each bag of material ordered.

Weighed out raw material order estimated lead times:

10 or less weighed out raw material = 12+ business hours (1 Day)

10 or more weighed out raw material = 24+ business hours (2 - 5 Days)

My glaze recipe is in grams; can I place an order for raw material weigh outs using that unit of measurement?

Rovin's price breaks for both raw materials and clay are by the pound. We are not able to measure orders in grams, so you will have to calculate how much material your recipe calls for in pounds. 

There are multiple types of one raw material, which one is the right one for my clay/glaze recipe?

There are slight variations in each type of material, though they can be interchangeable in a recipe, they will cause slight changes in results. Consult resources like & and read about the chemical makeup of the different raw material variants ex types of ball clays. take it a step further and conduct some fusion button tests; fire a small amount of the raw materials on test tiles by themselves and compare the fired qualities: color texture, melt, etc. this will give some clues about how it will behave in your clay or glaze recipe.