Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event

Shipping FAQ's

How do I place an order on the website to be shipped?

On the check out page please select your preferred Shipping option and continue to payment.

Unfortunately Rovin does not offer a free shipping option.

If you made a mistake, or need further assistance to getting your products shipped please email us.


How much does shipping cost?

If your order is 150 pounds or more, we will ship it on a pallet. Shipping any quantity between 150 and 2400 pounds (the weight limit of one pallet) will be the same price. On average, pallets shipping within Southeast Michigan cost between $150 and $165 per pallet. This cost does not cover inside delivery. Shipping cost is subject to change. If you are ordering from further North or West, or out of state, contact Rovin for a shipping quote.

Rovin uses R&L Carriers for all freight shipments. You may schedule your delivery with Rovin when you place your order. In-state, Ohio, and Indiana have a 1-day to 2-day transit.

Orders less than 150 pounds will be shipped via UPS Ground. Shipping costs for these orders vary significantly, contact Rovin for a quote. Lead time is estimated between 2-5 business days via UPS

How is my shipping cost calculated?

Our website works with UPS to calculate shipping based on weight of the objects ordered. Predicting the package size required is inconsistent, as we carry thousands of products with widely varying dimensions. Additionally Rovin staff may split the order into multiple packages due to the overall weight to size of the order in an attempt to achieve the lowest possible cost.