Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event


1400 Series – Cone 4/6 Shino Glazes

Shino Glazes are cone 4/6 Lead-Free and dinnerware safe. Some have a health Label due to the presences of zinc or copper. They require 2-3 coats for full coverate. at Cone 5 Shinos produce a satiny matte finish however when fired to cone 6 they will be glossier and the breaking effect of the colors become more pronounced.

1460 Series – Cone 4/6 Semi-Transparent Glazes

The Cone 4/6 Celadon glazes are all lead-free, Dinnerware safe, A/P non-toxic. These glazes are designed to create a semi transparent high gloss surface that will show off detail work on your pieces and the glaze will pool inside indentations.
200 Rhinestone Series

200 Rhinestone Series

700 Series Opaque Gloss Glazes

700 Series Opaque Gloss Glazes


All Products

All Products

All Raw Materials

Weighed out raw material order estimated lead times:

10 or less weighed out raw material = 12+ business hours

10 or more weighed out raw material = 24+ business hours

If materials are requested before the time frame a $5, per item, day of weigh fee will apply.

Although Rovin Ceramics strives to provide the highest-quality raw materials, there may be slight variations in these materials from the manufacturers due to mining processes. We urge you to conduct tests every time a new material is purchased. All raw materials purchased are not returnable due to the risk of cross contamination. 


All Rib Types

A rib is a clay tool for smoothing and shaping while during hand-building and wheel throwing. Good for smoothing slabs of clay or smoothing pottery.
Amaco Cone 5-6

Amaco Cone 5-6

AMACO® Cone 5-6 glazes achieve different effects ranging from a look of Cone 10 reduction, in the Potter’s Choice series, to bright and pastel glazes included in the Sahara and Celebration lines. The Celadon and Satin Matte lines are the newest, and are mixable so you can create your own colors. 

Amaco Opalescent Series

Amaco Potters Choice

Amaco Potters Choice

The Potter's Choice glaze series was designed with for potters! These stunning glazes add fluid colors and effects to smooth or textured your ware, with optimal results at

Cone 5/6

•Reduction Effects in Oxidation
•Variety of Colors and Surfaces 
•Limitless Combinations in layering!

Ball Clay

Banding Wheels

Bat Accessories


Brent Wheels



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