RO-14 All Purpose Mid Range Light Stoneware

Rovin Ceramics


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Our most popular clay body and a favorite for schools!  This all-purpose Goldart-based body will take most commercial glazes at a cone 6. It is suitable for stoneware glazes at cone 6 to 10. Contains 4.5% fine grog. Excellent for wheel work and hand-building, this clay is extremely plastic and also works well for coil and pinch projects. 

    Formulated firing range is cone 5 to cone 10

    Shrinkage at cone 06 is 6.2% and at cone 6 is 13.5% cone 10 is at 14.0%

    Absorption at cone 06 is 11.6% and at cone 6 it is 3.5% and at cone 10 it is 1.7%

    Additional Notes

    We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit. 

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