Shimpo SR-3050 Slab Roller


  • SHIMPO's heavy-duty Slab Roller can produce up to a 3" thick slab. Two-roller system evenly distributes pressure on the slab to reduce warping. The dual-hand wheels and thickness indicator provide synchronized fine adjustment and allow for precise control of the slab thickness. SHIMPO's Slab Roller also includes a wagon wheel handle that provides effortless feeding of slab through rollers in either direction. It features a large 30" x 50" table for plenty of workspace and comes with one canvas set to complete the package.

  • Slab Roller

    Two-roller System evenly distributes pressure on slab to reduce warping

    Dual-hand Wheels provides synchronized fine adjustment that allow for precise control of slab thickness

    Thickness Indicator allows for precise control of slab thickness

    Wagon Wheel Handle provides effortless feeding in either direction

    Table Dimensions 30" X 50"

    Warranty 1-year

  • Slab Roller 

    Material is constructed of heavy gauge steel

    Table Dimensions 30" x 50 1/8"

    Table Height 36"

    Shipping Weight 210 lbs. (Shipped unassembled in 4 cartons)

    Nidec-Shimpo Catalog Page

    SR-3050 Instruction Manual