Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event Closed July 20th for the Annual Motawi Make-A-Tile + Rovin's Raku Tile Event

Brent B Potter's Wheel


  • Designed to fill the needs of school and studio potters, the Model B is competitively priced, is quiet and solid, and can handle 150 pounds of clay continuously. The brent® B wheel includes thebrent® Classic Controller with these features:
    Optimal torque at all speeds -- wheel speed remains constant under varying loads for smooth feel and full control
    Quiet operation -- Electronic noise filtering for quiet operation
    EZ-feel toggle switches -- on/off and forward/reverse switches are easy to locate. Forward/reverse switch has neutral safety position to assure somooth transitions when changing directions.
    EZ-to-read indicator light -- protrudes from control box for viewing from potter's stool
    Easy to service modular connections for motor and foot pedal -- makes upgrades and replacements easy

  • Additional brent® B features:
    Handles 150 lbs. continuously
    Reversible electronic speed control -- assures maximum torque and smooth response both clockwise and counterclockwise
    Legs are powder coated for greater durability and improved scratch and corrosion resistance
    All-steel construction and solid table -- for strength and durability
    Automatic belt tensioning -- keeps the 6-groove poly-v drive belt tight for maximum performance
    Permanent magnet 1/2 hp, 5 amp DC motor -- allows the user to work with up to 150 lbs. of clay
    Durable, cast aluminum foot pedal with 4 foot cord -- offers smooth control and speed range of 0-240 rpm
    Cast aluminum 12" wheel head -- marked with concentric circles for ease in centering clay and includes two bat pins
    FREE Splash Pan
    FREE 12" Plast-i-Bat®
    FREE "How to Throw on The Potter's Wheel" DVD