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Doll / Test Kiln DLH11-DX-208v

L&L Kilns

Doll & Test Kiln with DynaTrol

 0.5 Cubic Feet
Genesis Multi-Zone Touchscreen Control Included
Cone 10

Insulation: 2-1/2" K23 Firebrick
Sections: One section
Inside Dimensions: 11.00" Diameter x 9.00" High 
Outside Dimensions: 24.00" Wide x 21.00" Deep x 40.00" High 
Weight: 95lbs 

Quad Element System Comes Standard

Please Review the following Sheet for further Details :

NOTE: The 120-volt versions should not be used for high production (more than once a week) to their maximum temperature range - the element life will not be acceptable under those conditions. 208-volt and 240-volt versions are rated to Cone 10 under high production conditions

Kilns are made to order and are not available in stores, 
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