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RO-82M Terracotta with Fine Grog

Rovin Ceramics


All Rovin clays are available in 25lbs boxes.

When selecting your quantity, be sure to purchase in increments of 25lbs.


RO-82M contains about 3% fine Mullite grog, making the body smoother, yet incorporating the necessary grog for stability. This is a great clay for throwing and one of the favorites of Rovin Ceramics' staff members. Other firing and glaze fit characteristics of the body are the same as our best-selling RO-82. 

Firing Details 

Firing range is cone 04 to cone 6

Shrinkage at cone 06 is 4.7% and at cone 6 is 12.5%

Absorption at cone 06 is 10.8% and at cone 6 it is ≤0.1%

Additional Notes

We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit.