Pre Order Today! Artist White Low Fire Clay Pre Order Today! Artist White Low Fire Clay

RO-23 Peach Stoneware

Rovin Ceramics


All Rovin clays are available in 25lbs boxes.

When selecting your quantity, be sure to purchase in increments of 25lbs.


This Fireclay/Goldart/Redart body contains 5.5% fine grog. The various shades of red and brown achieved at different temperatures and atmospheres will constantly challenge the adventuresome. Excellent throwing and slab work properties. The drop down menu above shows price breaks available for larger quantities.

Firing Details

Firing range is cone 6 to cone 10

Shrinkage at cone 6 is 12.0% and at cone 10 is 15.9%

Absorption at cone 6 is 1.9% and at cone 10 it is ≤0.1%

Additional Notes

We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit. 

How To Order

Enter your requested amount in pounds.
Be sure to order in 25 lb. increments.
Ex: 25 lbs. = 1 box, 50 lbs. = 2 Boxes, etc...