Peter Pugger PM-50 or PM-100, non-deairing

Peter Pugger

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  • "The Pugger-Mixer is a mixer that unloads itself and a pugmill that feeds itself"

    It recycles scrap as well as mixes from dry powder. Complete processing of your clay in one machine saves you space, money, and best of all, your time. Since 1975, the Pugger-Mixer continues to support potters and institutions worldwide.

    Capabilities include:

    -Mix moist clay from powder and water.
    -Reclaim scrap - wet or dry (anything that has not been fired).
    -Blend two or more different bodies.
    -Add materials (wet or dry) to an already moist body.
    -Adjust moisture of an already wet body.
    -OR just warm the clay by mixing it.

    For more specific information about the PM-50 or the PM-100 from Peter Pugger, click here. 

  • VPM-50 Power Wedger Chart

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