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Orton VentMaster 110v-120v

Evenheat Kilns


Orton received the Original patent in 1988 for Downdraft venting of Electric Kilns.

Today they offer the most advanced Venting System 'VentMaster' that is easy to install, prevents fumes from entering the workspace, makes sure there is enough oxygen in the kiln for colors to fully develop, improves the temperature uniformity inside the kiln and helps increase the life of the heating elements.

Orton Vent Master for use with kilns up to 14 cubic feet. Operates from standard 110V-120V.

  • Includes Motor and Housing
  • 4 ft. length of 2 diameter high temperature hose
  • cast aluminum collection cup with spring loaded and threaded pedestal
  • gasket
  • instruction manual
  • kiln safety manual
  • ¼ drill bit
  • vent cap
  • samples of Orton Self-supporting pyrometric cones
  • Cones and Firing pamphlet