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Max's Paper Clay

Laguna Clay Co.


Clay is only available in 50lb. increments


Max’s paper clay fires gray-stony-white in reduction at cone 10, off white at cone 5 oxidation, and bright white at cone 05 (raku). It is a medium textured, low shrinkage body designed for large-scale hand-built sculpture and tile work where thick cross sections (up to 1 inch) are anticipated. It contains a moderate amount of fine and medium mesh grog. 

    Firing Details 

    Firing range is from cone 06 to cone 10

    Shrinkage at cone 5 is 8% and at cone 10 is 10%

    Absorption at cone 5 is 11% and at cone 10 is 5%

    Additional Notes

    We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit.