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Kiln Wash

Rovin Ceramics

  • Kiln wash is used to prevent your glazed pieces from sticking to the kiln shelf, should it come in contact with it during firing. If glaze melts onto your kiln shelf it will stick; kiln wash helps release pieces from your shelf. When the kiln wash begins flaking or peeling it should be scraped off your shelves and reapplied. You do not need to apply kiln wash with every firing and only apply kiln wash to the top side of the kiln shelf.

    Other tips to help prevent glaze from coming into contact with your kiln shelves: always wipe off any glaze that has come into contact with the bottom of your piece, even if wax resist was applied, or stilt any piece that has a glazed bottom (for glaze firing up to cone 6). NOTE:This product does not ship to California.

  • WARNING: Contains free crystalline silica, which could lead to silicosis or other lung diseases after very long exposure. IRAC has classified crystalline silica as a carcinogen, based on evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals and limited evidence of carcinogenicity to humans. Wear a NIOSH approved respirator. For further information, contact: Rovin Ceramics at 734/424.3345


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