HydroBat Adapter (for 8.5" and 10" HydroBat)

Ceramic Shop

  • This adapter is designed to use 8.5" and 10" Hydrobats that are too small to fit on regular wheelhead bat pins that are spaced 10" apart. 

    The adapter is made of a sturdy polyethelene plastic with drilled holes to fit on standard wheel heads with bat pins spaced 10" apart. Two bat pins are set in the top of the adapter spaced 6" apart, allowing 8.5" and 10" Hydrobats to tightly fit the adapter. Smaller Hydrobats like the 8.5" and 10" are great for production potters making multiples of small cups and bowls

    The 10: and 8.5" HydroBats need this adapter to fit on a standard wheelhead with bat pins spaced 10" apart.