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Laguna Clay Co.

WC440 Flameware

$2.04 $1.85

Laguna Clay Co.

WC440 Flameware

$2.04 $1.85

Pounds Price per pound
1 - 49 $1.85
50 - 199 $1.85
200 - 499 $1.70
500 - + $1.60
Only available in 50lb. increments
  • Laguna Flame Ware is an advance clay body formulated to resist the shock of an open flame and have exceptional heat retaining properties. Great for gas /electric ranges, ovens, broilers, barbeques, microwaves and more. Firing range of cone 5-10.

    First Image shown( Fired at Cone 5), Second image ( cone 10 reduction), third image (cone 10 oxidation).

    Avg. Shrinkage 2±%: Cone 5: 5%     Cone 10: 8%
    Avg. Water Absorption 1±%: Cone 5: 13%       Cone10: 2%
    COE x 10-6:  Cone 5:  .825     Cone 10:  .875

    Bisque/Firing: Once clay is bone dry, bisque to cone 05 (1888 F°). Glaze fire to cone 5 (2,167 F°). Higher firing ranges are possible up to cone 10 (2,345 F°). Do not glaze  the bottom inch of vessel. Burnish cooking area smooth or glaze to create a non-stick surface.

    Recommended glazes: Moroccan Sand cone 5 glaze line. For cone 10 use Iron Red (WC-556).

    Clean up: Clean with soap and water after use. We recommend periodically boiling  water in the vessel.

    Common Questions: Will glazes craze over time?

    Yes, this is normal (Due to the different expansion/contraction between the clay and glaze).

     Can you fire higher than cone 5?

    Cone 5 is recommended but you can fire up to cone 10 (Large lids or very thin ware are susceptible to slumping if fired too high. We recommend using alumnia in your wax resist when firing at higher than cone 5).

     What is the optimum thickness for Laguna Flameware?

    Approximately 3/8” for commercial use. Approximately 1/2” for non-commercial use. (Note: must be even in thickness throughout vessel to minimize cracking.)

     Can Laguna Flameware be placed in a freezer?

    It is recommended for refrigerator use only.

     Does Laguna Flameware need to be seasoned like other flame ware?

    No, you may start cooking in it immediately.

     Can Laguna Flameware be cleaned in a dishwasher?

    We recommend hand cleaning with soap and water before putting it in a dishwasher.

     Does Laguna Flameware need to be glazed? 

    No, cooking on an unglazed burnished surface is acceptable.

     What is the best kiln type for firing Laguna Flameware? 

    Electric kilns are the most reliable for evenly firing Laguna Flameware. Gas kilns can be used by an experienced technician. Test fire before production.


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