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Aftosa Wax Resist Gallon



Aftosa Green Wax Resist is used to resist glazes. The wax is applied to the base and rims of the pieces before glazing. Although Aftosa Wax Resist is tinted green so it is easy to see while you are working with it, the Wax Resist fires clear. Aftosa Green Wax can be brushed or slip trailed to on create designs and drawings on your work. It can also be painted over top of glaze allowing you to overlap multiple glazes and resist specific areas.

To use: Pour a small amount into a separate container, use as needed, and then dispose of excess. Do NOT pour used wax back into the original container. Clean up the wax with warm soapy water. To help with cleaning your brushes, dip them into liquid soap and then wipe off the excess before you use them in the wax, and definitely remember to clean your brushes immediately after using.

Please note that Aftosa Wax Resist has a shelf life of 2-3 years. Always keep the lid tight on the original container. If used improperly, Aftosa Wax Resist can become contaminated. If the wax has a strong odor, it is contaminated.
Please Note: The wax will freeze in cold climates, and will not resist effectively, so keep out of freezing temperatures. If frozen, it will get lumpy and separate.