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21" Full Circle Hollow Mulcorite Kiln Shelf

Resco Products, Inc.


PLEASE NOTE: This item are not eligible for shipping*

These revolutionary hollow core Mulcorite kiln shelves are LIGHTER and FLATTER than standard shelves and rated to Cone 10 by the manufacturer. You may not want to fire them as high as Cone 10 for optimal results (i.e. warp resistance). Their unique design reduces the weight and thermal mass for less back strain and lower firing costs. The combination of their ‘I-beam’ structure and a higher mullite composition create a shelf that is crack and sag resistant. In addition, each shelf is ground top and bottom for perfect flatness. As with all kiln shelves, 3-posting, rotating and moderate firing rates are recommended. (Not recommended for Raku, Salt, or Wood Firing.) Always store vertically on a wood or soft surface, not on cold concrete.

Important Note: Always temper new shelves before use in a bisque or glaze firing. To temper stack the kiln with all your new shelves to be fired alone (no clay wares or kiln wash) and fire to cone 6. If you do not temper your shelves you risk cracking or even fracturing the shelves during the firing. *shelves that have cracked due to user error/ lack of tempering can not be returned or exchanged.

Furniture kits available that have been configured by the manufacturer to suit most buyers needs. If you would like to order a specific furniture kit for your Amaco Excel, Evenheat, or Skutt kiln, please contact Rovin Ceramics directly at or by calling 734/424.3345.

Caution: Because of the wide variety of applications that kiln shelves are subject to, Rovin Ceramics is not able to guarantee their performance to the purchaser. The purchaser must inspect all kiln shelves for defects in material or workmanship upon receiving, as claims after that date will not be accepted.


 * Due to unpredictable outcomes that can happen in shipping transit resulting in damages we are unable to ship this material.