12" Diameter Medex Bats w/Holes

New England Hardboard


New England Hardboard's 3/8" Medex bats are made of a composite wood product similar to particle board or MDF and are completely formaldehyde free. With a smooth surface on both sides they are much more dense than masonite and very long lasting. Medex bats are warp proof, water proof, and easy to clean and store. They are extremely strong and will handle clay like a wooden bat. They will fit any standard wheel head.

We recommend storing New England Hardboard Medex bats vertically in a slotted rack to prevent warping. Be sure to clean bats thoroughly before storing. Do not stack until bats are completely dry. 

  1. Excellent rigidity
  2. Made from 90% recycled wood fibers
  3. No added formaldehyde
  4. One hole and one slot for 10" pin spacing- compensates for variations in wheelhead pin spacing
  5. 3/8" thicknesses

Available in  14" Diameter Rounds