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1146 Texture Swampy

Spectrum Glazes


Spectrum’s 1146 Texture Swampy is a cone 4/6 stoneware glaze. It produces a brown and green surface that is brighter on white clays than on darker ones. This is a popular one! All of Spectrum’s 1100 Stoneware Glazes are available in wet formats and are suitable for brush application.

S1146 is one of Spectrum's Reactive Glazes. They are all lead free, non-toxic and dinnerware safe. They are formulated to produce reactions during the firing cycle which give very interesting and beautiful effects. The final appearance of the glaze is dependent on firing temperature, glaze thickness and the composition of the clay body being used. The sample shown has 3 coats of glaze brushed on a white clay and is fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln.

Try overlapping glazes for new and interesting glaze results. Some of Spectrum Glazes are designed to move and shift in the glaze firing resulting in beautifully bright and layered looks.