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#1 Pottery Plaster

Rovin Ceramics



Pottery Plaster is only available in 50lb bags


When selecting your quantity, be sure to only use increments of 50lbs.

Due to Industry-wide shortages of Gypsum, online sales will be restricted to 1 bag per customer.

Mixing Instructions

This plaster is ideal for making slip-casting molds and other plaster castings where a high degree of water absorption is required.

Pottery #1 requires 70 pounds of water to set up 100 pounds of dry plaster. This is referred to as a "consistency of 70."

Always store plaster in a warm, dry, clean place. Do not use plaster that is lumpy--as a result of storage, it has absorbed moisture from the air and will have lower strength.

Always use room temperature, potable water. Sift or spread plaster evenly into the water (never add water to plaster!), allowing lumps to form. Soak the unmixed plaster for two to four minutes and mix until slurry attains the consistency of thick cream.

The setting time is affected by water temperature, speed, and duration of mixing. The warmer the water, the faster the set. The longer the mixing procedure and greater agitation, the faster the setting time will be. The greater the plaster to water ratio, the faster the set. Older plaster sets slower. Keep all mixing equipment clean.


Pottery #1 can easily be cut, carved, and manipulated in the studio.

Compression Strength(psi) 2000

Setting Time 27-37 minutes

Water to 100 parts plaster is 70 parts