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RO-99 High-Fire Porcelain *Limited Quantity*

Rovin Ceramics


All Rovin clays are available in 25lbs boxes.

When selecting your quantity, be sure to purchase in increments of 25lbs.


RO-99G is the same clay body as the RO-99, a very bright white porcelain made with Grolleg English China Clay, that has 5% fine Molochite added to improve the handling characteristics and better control absorption. This additive does not affect throwing properties or fired color. 
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We cannot guarantee orders shipped in winter months will not freeze in transit. 

Firing Range 

Firing range is cone 9 to 10

Shrinkage at cone 10 is 14.%

Absorption at cone 10 it is 0.32%


How To Order

To place your order, Please put in your requested lb. amount Make sure your quantity is in 25 lb. increments, 25 lb = 1 Box 
Ex: 50 = 2 boxes 100 = 4 Boxes etc...