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RO-72 Mid-Range Buff Stoneware

Rovin Ceramics

  • All Rovin clays are conveniently available in 25lbs boxes.

    When selecting your quantity, be sure to only use increments of 25lbs.

  • This Fireclay/Goldart stoneware body has been specifically formulated for firing in the low-fire range.  It is a favorite of schools and a wonderful tile clay. RO-72 is pinkish-white as a cone 05. For a less porous body and buff stoneware appearance, fire at cone 6. Contains 5% medium grog. The drop down menu above shows price breaks available for larger quantities.

  • Firing range is cone to cone 6--10

    Shrinkage at cone 06 is 6.3%, cone 1 is 9.4%, and at cone 6 is 10.9%

    Absorption at cone 06 is 9.9%, and at cone 6 it is 3.4%