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Decal Sailfish Black

Milestone Decal Art


This listing is for one 5.25 inch x 4 inch (13.3 x 10 cm) sheet containing 4 detailed fish decals. The decals measure about 3.5 inch in length and 1 inch wide (9cm by 2.5cm).

The decals can be used with ceramic, porcelain, fusing glass and enamel.

Once applied, these decals need to be fired in a kiln to 1350-1480F/ 730-800C/ cone 016-017. They cannot be fired in a home oven.

Decals are printed images made from mineral toners.  The toners are either silkscreen or digitally printed on special paper coated in a water soluble glue.  The colored images are then covered with a coating. When the decal is wet, the image is released from the paper, applied and fired in a kiln. Once fired these colors will become permanently embedded on top of the glaze

Sheet Size: 4" x 5.25"

Application Instructions