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Ceramical Plaster

Rovin Ceramics

  • Ceramical Plaster is only available in 50lb bags

    When selecting your quantity, be sure to only use increments of 50lbs.

    Ceramical Gypsum Cement is a low -consistency form of Hydrocal and is ideal for making durable press molds typically used for RAM-pressing. Denser than No.1 Pottery Plaster, Ceramical is much stronger and has a lower absorption. Good resistance to abrasion and ware.Always store plaster in a warm, dry, clean place. Do not use plaster that is lumpy--as a result of storage, it has absorbed moisture from the air and will have lower strength.

  • Always use room temperature, potable water. The Ceramical and water should be mixed mechanically with a high-speed (1750 rpm) propeller-type mixer for about
    10 minutes. The slurry should be poured within two or three minutes after mixing.

    The setting time is affected by water temperature, speed, and duration of mixing. The warmer the water, the faster the set. The longer the mixing procedure and greater agitation, the faster the setting time will be. The greater the plaster to water ratio, the faster the set. Older plaster sets slower. Keep all mixing equipment clean.

  • 1 Hr. Compressive Strength                                                      3,000 psi     20.6 MPa      
    Dry Compressive Strength                                                        6,000 psi     40.9 MPa      
    1 Hr. Modulus of Rupture                                                             825 psi     5.7 MPa      
    Dry Modulus of Rupture                                                               955 psi     6.6 MPa      
    Maximum Setting Expansion (%)                                                     .13%     .13%      
    Density Wet                                                                          115.1 lb/ft3     1.84 g/cc      
    Dry                                                                                        96.5 lb/ft3     1.55 g/cc      
    Set Time (Machine Mix)                                                            18-23 min.     18-23 min.