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EX - 270 SF


$2,950.00 $4,275.00
  • EX-270 SF features:

    23 3/8-inch diameter, 27-inches deep (7.0 cubic foot) firing chamber

    2 1/2-inch firebrick

    Two-position, reinforced steel bar—secures lid while loading and unloading

    Reversible slabs—lid and bottom slabs can be turned over to use the other side, extending the life of the kiln

    5 Kanthal A-1 Element wire coils

    Select Fire™ Computer Control

    7-foot power cord with NEMA 6-50 plug

    Two year warranty

    $100 gift of AMACO® Glazes With Purchase!

    This kiln fires to cone 10. For more information on the EX-232SF, Click Here.