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Clear Satin HF-12 Pint



Sahara High-Fire glazes compounded to match porcelain and stoneware bodies. These glazes work well and produce interesting effects when fired in reduction as well as oxidation. Although these glazes may be applied on bone dry greenware for single firing, it is easier to apply them on bisqueware.

Clear Satin is the original Amaco Clear Satin glaze. A fluid matte zinc-free glaze, Clear Satin gives a lovely surface effect.

Some underglazes may appear muted when used with HF-12 Clear Satin:
LUG-50 Pink (slight)
V-315 Peach
V-316 Light Pink
V-323 Salmon
V-350 Orange

HF-12 Clear Satin is not recommended for use with the following underglazes:
LUG-1 Black
LUG-31 Mahogany Brown
V-341 Blue Green
V-353 Dark Green
V-385 Cinnamon

Safety Warning

All HF colors are formulated to be Food Safe, but it is recommended that tableware producers test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.