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Rovin Warehouse Sale and Motawi Tileworks Extravaganza!

On Saturday, May 4th, Rovin will have a special sale of discontinued dry materials and glazes from our warehouse. Various dry clays, glazes, feldspars, and kaolins will be available at deeply discounted rates. We will have various discontinued pint glazes on sale for 25%off as well. Don't forget to check out our newest products like the Mayco Stroke N' Coats and the StudioPro Space Saver Bat System!

Available Materials On Sale:

Burnt Umber - two 50 lb bags in stock, normally $3.75/lb, now $0.60/lb!

Umber is a hydrated iron oxide that also contains significant manganese, calcia, alumina and silica. When umber is calcined (referred to as "burnt" because it is done to lower temperatures), the color intensifies. In ceramics it is used to darken the fired color of clay bodies or engobes.

Laguna Glaze V36 Purple Surprise Cone 10 Glaze - 5 lb bag - $1.50 
Laguna Glaze V36 Purple Surprise Cone 10 Glaze - 50 lb bag - $10

A deep cobalt blue cone 10 glaze with floating pink blooms. Similar effect whether fired in oxidation or reduction. Glossy, mottled texture. 

Kentucky Stone Ball Clay $0.15/lb - 100 lbs in stock (two 50 lb bags)

Kentucky Stone is a coarse-grained, siliceous, illitic Ball Clay known for its high strength and plasticity. The high free silica content in this material means that bodies with a high percentage of this material could cause certain glazes to shiver. This can make it a great additive for textural or sculptural glazes that specifically seek a crawled surface, such as those that you may see in alligator skin glazes

OptiKAST Kaolin was $0.40/lb, now $0.18/lb - 200 lbs in stock (four 50 lb bags)

optiKast is a coarse-grained kaolin used primarily in ceramic casting applications. It has a very fast cast and exceptional deflocculation characteristics. Thus optiKast is preferred in pressure casting systems.

Manganese Carbonate was $6.50/lb now $1.50/lb - (will be available in smaller weighed out quantities with the rush fee waived)

Manganese Carbonate is a colorant used in glazes. In an alkaline glaze, manganese carbonate can produce blue-purple and plum colors.

Laguna Potash Feldspar $0.30/lb - 100 lbs in stock (two 50 lb bags)

Formulated to be as similar as possible to the old G-200 feldspar, Laguna Clays blended 3 parts Minspar and 7 parts G-200 HP to produce this material.
However G-200HP was then discontinued so this product is obsolete.

Other great deals:

change-over clay (mixed clay between Rovin clay batches, also known as 'mystery clay') normally $0.39/lb, now $.29/lb - 55 bags in stock (each bag is 25 lbs)

Select Coyote Pint Glazes 25% OFF FINAL SALE

**Important Note*: all dry materials, with the exception of manganese carbonate, must be purchased in full bag quantities i.e. if a material is available in 50 lb bags, the minimum quantity to purchase is 50 lbs, ALL SALE ITEMS ARE NON REFUNDABLE*

We still have a handful of pots left from our fundraising event for ArtRoad Non Profit. We plan to have an extended sale of the donated pottery in an effort to raise more for a great cause. If you haven't already, check out Art Road's website to learn more about their program. Each pot will be sold at sticker price and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ArtRoad. We will have a donation box available on Saturday May 4th as well. 

 Motawi Tileworks | Spring Tile Extravaganza

On May 4th and 5th our sister company Motawi Tileworks is hosting their Spring Tile Extravaganza! Be sure to stop by for great deals on their beautiful art tile, live demonstrations, discontinued and prototype tiles and a Make-A-Tile Workshop! Visit Motawi's website for all the details.

-**Important note**- Rovin Ceramics will be open May 4th but will NOT be open on Sunday May 5th. However, we will have a small table with a selection of tools and clay samples available for purchase at Motawi Tileworks on the 5th.